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(Remember that your antivirus program may find these as threats, for it not to do that, either turn it off for a little time or give the file a exception)

(These virusses can be used to troll friends, or who ever you want)

Subscribe or die virus:

Harmless, will ask you questions, one of the answers will result in your computer shutting-down within 1:30 minutes.

Shutdown computer:

Will just shut your computer down, nothing else.

Command Popup:

Will literally just open LOADS of command promt programs, ofcourse closeable.


Not really annoying but a cool thing to troll with, or just have running in the background.

Folder 3000:

This one is REALLY annoying... Well, it makes 3000 folders, yeah... Please dont download this.


Will fake the blue screen of death.


This one will fake that there is a virus on your computer, then will take forever to try to fix it.

Deleting everything:

Will fake it deletes EVERYTHING.

Error, You are hacked:

will give you a message then turn your computer off.

Downloading Virus...:

Will fake download a virus. Keeps going.

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